A festival of cutting-edge contemporary classical music


Something incredible is happening to classical music in the UK. A whole generation of performers have broken out of ‘traditional’ classical concerts, redefined the rules and shattered boundaries.

What defines this new movement? Visionary music, inspiring visuals, genre-defying collaborations, and the Roundhouse, with its unique atmosphere and heritage, is at the forefront.

Reverb is a five-day festival that celebrates the best of this new wave of performers, and in an Olympic year explores themes of love and truce. The revolutionary and ever-popular Night Shift and the award-winning Aurora Orchestra explore versions of the Romeo and Juliet story, Imogen Heap’s evocative a cappella film soundtrack is performed alongside rising star Ana Silvera’s exploration of love, war and mystery, Voices Now’s choral take-over celebrates a coming-together of choirs from across the nation as part of the BBC’s Music Nation, a Countdown Event for the London 2012 festival, the finale of the Cultural Olympiad, and the London Contemporary Orchestra join forces with Nonclassical and their rebellious classical club night.

Come and join the revolution…


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