A festival of cutting-edge contemporary classical music

Interview with Matthew Swann, Festival Producer

Reverb Festival 2012
Fri 24 Feb – Sun 4 March at Roundhouse, Camden
roundhouse.org.uk/reverb #reverb2012

Hi I’m Matthew Swann; I am the Associate Producer for Classical Music at the Roundhouse. And my role in Reverb is producing programming, putting together the whole thing. Sort of quite a far reaching role but it’s basically making sure that everything happens, everybody’s talking to everybody else, everyone knows what going on the stage, so yeah, quite an exciting but busy role.

Reverb as a whole started in 2010 and basically we are trying to capture an exciting movement in contemporary music at the moment, not just classical but right across the board. A lot of people have started using this title, ‘alternative classical’ which I’m not sure whether I like or not but it’s as good as any. It’s really a lot of people in classical music that are trying to break out of traditional concert format, trying to break out of sort of traditional repertoire and programming ideas and really bring to an audience that we feel were part of anyway, there’s a whole generation of people in a time where, sort of alternative music and rock and roll and electronica were very much part of contemporary culture and we were part of that culture as well and we go to club nights and gigs and all the rest of it, see loads of people there and we couldn’t work out why those people and our friends that we went to those sort of gigs with weren’t coming to classical music.

We decided all independently actually, not so much with each other, to do something about it. We felt there were two issues with classical music, one is the perception of it and one is the experience of it. I think perception wise, people often feel that it’s not something for them, it’s stuffy, it’s for an older generation. And the experience unfortunately brought that out but we all thought, there’s nothing wrong with the music, the music’s amazing so we just need to put it in different venues, we need to do something completely different with it, we need to give people a route in, so if you like Radiohead for example, there’s absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t like Steve Reich and Stockhausen, Hugh Brunt of the LCO is going to try and prove that theory in his concert.

So the festival as a whole, five nights, five of the best performing and producing groups in classical around at the moment. There are some times when you do want people to be quiet and you do want people to sit here and really concentrate on it. But I’d rather do that through an amazing performance and really good lighting and really sort of creating an atmosphere and in which people would want to respect that and explain what the music was about. It’s just a much nicer way of doing it and having that whole sort of club night is brilliant.


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